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Jackson Covered Bridge Rehabilitation

This page contains pictures of the Jackson Covered Bridge from February 2007 to April 2007. Use the quick links to see pictures from a specific month.

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February 2007


February 3rd

  February 3rd  The temporary bridge is complete and the dollies have been placed under the bridge. The dollies have built in jacks which will be used to lift the bridge. The bridge was to be moved on Tuesday, February 6th, however, the temperature is below 10 degrees. The move has now been postponed until next week when the temperature should be warmer. These pictures were taken from the south side of the bridge.








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February 20th

  February 20th  The Jackson Bridge is finally ready to be moved. The weather has agreed to cooperate and the bridge will be moved on February 21st.




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February 21st

  February 21st  The Jackson Bridge was moved off of the abutments and placed on the road bed. The bridge move took approximately 3 hours to be moved. The bridge was pulled using a winch attached to a truck.



























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March 2007


March 11th

  March 11th  The Jackson Bridge has been braced and the reconstruction has started. Some more boards have been removed from the bridge.





  March 11th  Over the years the Jackson Bridge had been damaged and repairs were made. Here are two pictures of steel beams that were added to the bridge to reinforce damaged timbers.


  March 11th  The cribbing (temporary bridge) built to move the Jackson bridge was left in place, so the bridge can be moved back onto the abutments. However, rain and melting snow caused Sugar Creek to flood. The flood waters of Sugar Creek have already destroyed part of the cribbing. Logs floating down the creek are now resting on some of the cribbing supports.





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March 20th

  March 20th  Scaffolding has been erected to support the Jackson Bridge as the original timbers are being removed. The floor has been removed and the arches are being disassembled.






  March 20th  Some of the metal supports that were placed on the bridge in earlier repairs have been removed.

  March 20th  The following pictures were taken from the south side of the creek and show the current state of the temporary bridge (cribbing).




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April 2007


April 5th

  April 5th  The work on the Jackson Bridge is making good progess. The contractors have removed the bowing of the bridge. (The bridge was twisted and one of the engineers speculated that it had been hit by a tornado.) The lower cords of the west side of the bridge are currently being replaced. The workers have also removed most of the cribbing from the creek, the cribbing was creating a dam and causing bank erosion.





  April 5th  New treated laminated timbers are being installed on the bridge. Piles of the new timbers have been delivered for the bridge.





April 15th

  April 15th  The workers continue to make progress on the Jackson Bridge. The siding supports are being removed so the arches can be repaired. The workers have also removed all of the cribbing from Sugar Creek.



  April 15th  Here is a picture of Sugar Creek with the cribbing removed.

  April 15th  The arches on the east side of the bridge are also being repaired.


  April 15th  Here are some of the rotten timbers that have been removed from the Jackson bridge.



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April 28th

  April 28th  The lower cords on the east side of the bridge are being replaced. The north end of the bridge is also being reconstructed. These pictures show the west side of the bridge and the north end.



  April 28th  These pictures were taken from the east side of the bridge.



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