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Jackson Covered Bridge Rehabilitation

The Jackson Covered Bridge over Sugar Creek is being rehabilitated. Work on the $1.4 million Federal Aid project has started. The project will include the removal of the roof and siding. The bridge frame will then be moved off of the abutments for rehabilitation as well. The bridge is scheduled to be removed from the abutments in early 2007. The purpose of this website is to track the progress of the bridge rehabilitation.

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May 2007


May 10th

  May 10th  The workers continue to make progress on the bridge. The damaged wood of the arches have been removed and new lower cords are being installed.


  May 10th  Work is being done on the upright posts.



  May 10th  Here are some of the old joint pieces that were removed from the bridge.


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May 25th

  May 25th  Slow progress can be seen on the Jackson Bridge.




  May 25th  Piles of new lumber are ready to be installed on the bridge.




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June 2007


June 26th

  June 26th  The additional boards have arrived and the workers are putting the bridge back together. The north cords and posts are installed and the works are now working on the south end.



  June 26th  There are still piles of new lumber ready to be installed on the bridge.

  June 26th  Here are more of the boards that were removed from the bridge.


  June 26th  Here are a series of pictures taken while the workers were installing a section of the west arch.





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July 2007


July 15th

  July 14th  The replacing of vertical posts is ongoing, with only a few left to replace. The construction plan is to install some of the roofing and siding before the bridge is moved back over Sugar Creek. The moving crew was scheduled to arrive the week of July 16th and start preparing for the move. The move is currently scheduled for the middle of August.



  July 14th  The post work is continuing on the south end of the bridge.


  July 14th  There are still piles of boards under tarps at the worksite.

  July 14th  Here are some close up shots of the lower cords and posts that were replaced on the west side of the bridge.


  July 14th  Work has started on the south abutment.


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