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Sanatorium Covered Bridge Rehabilitation

This page contains pictures of the Sanatorium Covered Bridge from October 2006 to November 2008. Use the quick links to see pictures from a specific month.

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October 2008


October 5th

  October 5th  The lower cords have been laid on the frame and king posts are being installed.  Work also continues on cutting beams timbers to replace timbers that are not usable. 

Stacked timbers waiting to be installed on the bridge.


  October 5th  New timbers which were cut to replaced damaged timbers.

  October 5th  The lower bridge cords have been laid and are being assembled from east to west.



  October 5th  Metal strips and bolts hold the lower cord joints together.



  October 5th  New and old timbers are being used together on the bridge.

  October 5th  The king posts are held in place by temporary supports.


  October 5th  Cross supports are bolted in to secure the lower cords together.

  October 5th  New abutments are being constructed on both side of the creek.


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October 21st

  October 21st  Work is continuing on the abutments and the new approaches.  Work also continues on installing the king posts and cross supports.  The arch timbers are also being constructed.

New abutments have been poured.


  October 21st  The king posts are being installed on the lower cord.  The upper cord timbers are also being installed.  The supports holding the king posts will be removed after the king posts, upper cord and cross beams are installed.



  October 21st  The upper cross beams have been salvaged or constructed and are ready to be installed as soon as the king posts and upper cord are installed.

  October 21st  New king posts have been cut to replace king posts which were unusable.  The new king posts have the same dimensions as the post they are replacing.

  October 21st  The work has started on the cutting of the arch timbers.

  October 21st  Wood shingles have arrived and are ready to be installed.


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November 2008


November 2nd

  November 2nd  The king posts, upper cord and upper cross supports have been installed.  The work continues on the bridge approaches and banks of the creek.

Bulldozers continue to move earth to build the new approaches to the abutments.  Pads are also being constructed for the cranes which will lift the bridge onto the new abutments.



  November 2nd  The king posts, cords and cross supports have been installed.





  November 2nd  The arch timbers have been cut and are ready to be installed.

  November 2nd  There are still stacks of timbers to be installed on the bridge.



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November 9th

  November 9th  The king post supports and part of the arches have been installed on the bridge.  The bridge has also been lifted onto dollies so it can be towed to the creek.  The bridge will be towed parallel to the abutments and lifted into place using cranes.

The bridge is ready to be towed.


  November 9th  A skid steer is currently hooked up to the dollies.

  November 9th  The bridge is only supported by dollies at each end of the bridge.






  November 9th  The work on the banks and abutments continue.


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November 16th

  November 16th  The bridge has been lifted onto the abutments.  The remaining arch sections have been installed.  The bottom sections of the arches were constructed from new timbers.  Floor cross timbers are also being installed.

The following pictures were taken from the west side of the creek.



  November 16th  The new sections of the arch have been installed.  The arches have been attached to the abutments.

  November 16th  The following pictures were taken from the east side of the creek..



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November 23rd

  November 23rd  The floor decking is being installed and the roof frames are being installed.  The good weather has allowed the builders to make good progress on the bridge.

The following picture was taken from the west side of the creek.


  November 23rd  These pictures were taken from the west end of the bridge.


  November 23rd  The arches have been installed and bolted into place.  The arches consists of timbers from the original bridge and new timbers which were constructed for the project.



  November 23rd  The following pictures were taken from the east side of the creek.







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