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Bridgeton Bridge
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Bridgeton Covered Bridge Project

The Bridgeton Covered Bridge Association has published a general scope of the project work.  If you want to volunteer to help build the bridge contact Mike Roe at the Bridgeton Mill.

General Scope of Project Work  
  1.   Saw cutting timbers and boards on site
  2.   Pre-fabricate most timbers for assembly (most done off-site)
  3.   Assemble the framework of the 2 spans on site (north of the bridge)
  4.   Build temporary road to island from south end for a crane pad
  5.   Rigging, moving and setting span assemblies to be done by crane supplier.
  6.   Install remaining floor beams, all stringers and bottom layer of oak flooring
  7.   Install roofing (rafters, nailers & metal roof sheets)
  8.   Frame-in portals
  9.   Pre-paint siding
  10. Layout & install arch rings
  11. Frame in windows & install siding
  12.  Install top layer of flooring, curb & rubrail
  13.  Install interior safety railing
  14.  Remove temporary road/crane pad

Estimated Timeline

  April - Late May / Early June     - Saw cutting logs into boards & timbers
  June - Mid August                     - Assembly of 2 bridge spans
  Mid - Late August                     - Crane to set 2 bridge spans on abutments
  Late August - November           - Bridge flooring, roofing, siding

Volunteer Work Needed

Item 1 Helpers to slide boards off saw, separate & stack wood, paint ends of timber, cut separated timber, end of day clean-up of sawdust and work site
Item 3 and Items 6 - 13 Carpentry work, carpenter assistants (general labor), material handers (carrying boards and hardware), painters and cleanup type work