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Bridgeton Bridge
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Rebuilding the Bridgeton Covered Bridge

The bridge assembly started on July 31st and the framed spans were lifted into place August 28th.

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August 1st

  August 1st   Progress after the second day of assembly.

  August 1st   The vertical posts are being installed on one bridge span. The vertical posts are bolted between the lower chords.




  August 1st   The X bracing between the chords are also being installed. The X bracing is held in place with metal rods.


August 3rd

  August 3rd   Progress after the fourth day of assembly.

  August 3rd   All of the vertical posts have been installed on one bridge span. The lower chords and X bracing have also been installed.



  August 3rd   The center post of the span is called the king post. Notches are on the vertical posts for the angular bracing that will be installed. The king post has notches on both sides. This will angular bracing to be installed on both sides of the king post.


  August 3rd   The following picture shows the joint that is used to connect two of the outer chords. The outer chords and the special timber in the center have sawtooth cuts to prevent the outer chords from pulling apart. The inner chord has been notched to accept the sawtooth cut timber.

  August 3rd   The inner lower chords are being installed on the second bridge span.


August 7th

  August 7th   Progress after one week of assembly. The lower chords and X-bracing are in place for both spans. Work has started on the upper chords.

  August 7th   The upper chords have been placed on top of the vertical posts.


  August 7th   The upper chord is comprised of 5 timbers. Here is one of the joints.

  August 7th   Metal braces have been installed to hold the lower chord joints together.

  August 7th   The upper chords have also been installed on one side of the other span.



August 10th

  August 10th   Progress after 11 days of assembly. The lower and upper chords are in place for both spans. Work has also started on the X-bracing in the ceiling. A road is also being built to the center of Raccoon Creek. The road and pad are being constructed so a crane can drive to the middle of the creek. The bridge spans will be lifted into place by 2 cranes. One crane will be on the bank and the other crane will be in the middle of the creek on the pad.

  August 10th   Rocks and gravel are used to construct a road and pad for the crane. The water has been redirected to the other side of the creek while the pad is constructed. The road and pad will be removed after the bridge spans are in place.




  August 10th   The upper chords are in place and cross supports are being added. Rods are also installed between the upper chords.



  August 10th   The X-bracing supports are constructed on the ground and then lifted into place between the upper chords.

  August 10th   The upper chords and x-bracing support has been installed on one of the spans.



  August 10th   Work also continues on the bottom of the bridge.


August 15th

  August 15th   Progress after 2 weeks of assembly. Both spans are nearly ready to be lifted into place. The bridge falsework has been adjusted to give each span a 1 foot arch in the middle of the span. The angled side supports are being installed. The crane pads are also nearing completion. The plan is to lift the spans into place before the end of August.

  August 15th   The north span of the bridge has all upper and lower supports. The archs may be installed prior to lifting the span if the crane can support the weight. Currently each span is estimated to weigh 38 tons.





  August 15th   The south span of the bridge has a little bit more work to be finished.



  August 15th   Work continues on the crane pads in the creek.


August 19th

  August 19th   The bridge spans are ready to be moved over the creek. The spans have been lifted and set on temporary supports. The bridge spans will be set on a semi tractor and dolly to be moved onto the concrete bridge over Raccoon Creek. Cranes will then lift the spans onto the abutments and center pier.

  August 19th   The north span is assembled and ready to be moved.



  August 19th   The spans are supported by a pile of timbers at each corner. The bridge spans are at the proper height to be loaded onto the semi tractor and dollies.

  August 19th   The dollies have been installed under the north span. The semi tractor, which will be attached to the other end of the bridge, is in the background.


  August 19th   The south span has been completed and has also been lifted onto supports.



  August 19th   The ramp from the assembly site to the concrete bridge has been completed. The bridge spans will be driven up the ramp.

  August 19th   The crane will be placed on the bridge approach. The engineers ordered the removal of the bridge approach concrete before the crane can be moved into position.


August 22nd

  August 22nd   The assembly of bridge spans has halted until the spans are lifted into place. The builders considered installing the arch supports before the spans were lifted into place. However, the crane operators determined it would not be possible. The spans are on schedule to be lifted into place on August 28th. While waiting for the spans to be lifted, the builders have started staining the siding boards.



  August 22nd   A wood carving has been installed on the north span.


  August 22nd   The south span is also ready to go.

  August 22nd   The road and crane pad are ready for the crane to arrive.


  August 22nd   Mike Roe owner of the Bridgeton Mill is taking advantage of the blocked creek to do repair work on the dam. Mike's plan is to restore the dam and mill pond back to its historical condition. The Covered Bridge originally was over the mill pond.



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