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Rebuilding the Bridgeton Covered Bridge (July)

The timber cutting and shaping was completed in July. The assembly of the Bridgeton Covered Bridge began on July 31st.

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July 9th

  July 9th   A tent has been set up on the worksite. The cutting of individual parts is on schedule. The pre-fabrication of all parts should be completed in a few weeks. The next step is to construct a flat, level pad. The bridge framework will be constructed on the pad and then lifted into place.

  July 9th   A large beam being shaped.

  July 9th   The boards in these piles are cut and ready to be assembled. They have been covered so the sun does not dry them out as fast.

  July 9th   More boards which are ready for assembly.

  July 9th   The bridge consists of basic sections which are repeated over and over. To make multiple copies of the same piece the workers constructed jigs. The jigs allowed the workers to quickly cut the same piece multiple times. These pieces are all identical.


July 16th

  July 16th   The onsite piece construction has been completed. Some of the large boards were taken offsite to be cut. The assembly should start around the first of August.

  July 16th   Piles of boards waiting to be assembled.

  July 16th   More boards waiting to be assembled.


July 26th

  July 26th   The pads for the bridge have been constructed and the falsework of one bridge span has started.





  July 26th   Pile of cut timber waiting to be assembled.

  July 26th   More timber waiting to be assembled.

  July 26th   Dirt has also been hauled in to make a ramp to be used when the bridge is rolled onto the concrete bridge.


July 29th

  July 29th   The falsework of both spans has been constructed. The bridge spans will be built on the falsework.

  July 29th   The lower chord timbers are ready to be assembled. These timbers are more than 30 feet in length.


  July 29th   The upper chords are also ready to be assembled.

  July 29th   A king post will be the center vertical support of each span. 4 king posts have been cut.


July 31st

  July 31st  The assembly of the bridge started today. The construction began with the placement of the inner lower chords on the falsework.

  July 31st  The inner chords of the east span are in position.



  July 31st  4 of the inner chords of the west span are in position.



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