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Rebuilding the Bridgeton Covered Bridge (June)

The main activity in June was sawing the trees into timbers and preparing the timbers to be assembled. Stone work was also done on the abutments and center pier. The remaining stone work will be completed after the bridge spans are lifted into place.

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June 4th

  June 4th   More logs have been delivered.


  June 4th   Some of the stacked lumber has been covered waiting for the next step.

  June 4th   Log ready to be cut.


June 13th

  June 13th   All of the logs have been delivered and many have been sawed.


  June 13th   More logs ready to be shipped out for processing.

  June 13th   Piles of timber ready for the next step.



  June 13th   The Sawing is nearly complete.

  June 13th   Additional work has been completed on the middle pier. Some of the stones for the support came from the abutments of the Red Covered Bridge which was burned in the 1970's.

  June 13th   Work is also going on the south abutment.



June 20th

  June 20th   All of the sawing of the timber for the Bridgeton Bridge has been completed. The work will now begin on cutting the wood into the individual pieces that will be used to assemble the bridge. The actual assembly of the bridge is not scheduled to start until August. From now until then the construction companies and volunteers will be getting the pieces ready for assembly.


  June 20th   Piles of boards ready to be prepared for assembly.



  June 20th   This is some of the scrap that came from the sawing.

  June 20th   Work continues on the south abutment.


  June 20th   Work is also continuing on the north abutment.

  June 20th   Parke County has received a lot of rain in the past week. The water is running heavy over the dam.


June 24th

  June 24th   The fabrication of the pieces to be assembled into the bridge has started.

  June 24th   Detailed pictures of the type of joints that will be used on the covered bridge.


  June 24th   Boards of all sizes are need for the bridge.

  June 24th   The north abutment is ready for the bridge. The abutment will be filled out after the bridge is in place.

  June 24th   The south abutment is also ready.


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