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Rebuilding the Bridgeton Covered Bridge (January - March)

This page tracks the progress of the Bridgeton Covered Bridge rebuilding from Janaury through March. This period of construction includes the ground breaking and the initial work on the abutments.

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  The groundbreaking for the rebuilding of the Bridgeton Covered Bridge was held on  January 12, 2006.  The goal is to have the bridge rebuilt before the 2006 Covered Bridge Festival. 
  Here are pictures from the groundbreaking.  
  The first log was donated by Larry Myers.
  The abutments of the Bridgeton Covered Bridge are being rebuilt to modern standards.  The original abutments were made of stone and concrete.  The original abutments are being torn apart and the stones are being saved for the new abutments. The new abutments will be made with stone and mortar.

  Landowners are donating trees for the construction of the bridge.  The trees are being harvested by local logging companies and being transported to Bridgeton.


The harvested logs are being placed in the field north of Raccoon Creek.



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  View of the bridge span from north to south.

  The work continues on the south abutment.

  The original stones have been saved to be placed back in the south abutment.


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