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Mansfield Covered Bridge Damaged by Storm

The Mansfield Covered Bridge was damaged the evening of April 13th when a storm went through Parke County. The roof of the bridge was damaged and the bridge has been closed. The repair of the roof started the week of April 17th. Check back to watch the progress of the repair.

The rebuilding of the Mansfield Covered Bridge was completed the week of May 21st.


5/21 Pictures
  Pictures of the completed bridge.  
5/13 Pictures
  Work on the bridge was delayed due to rain most of the week.  
5/6 Pictures
  The installation of the north roof is nearly complete.  
  The south roof is ready for the metal roof.  
  Interior pictures of the bridge.  
4/28 Pictures
  The installation of the new roof supports are nearly complete.  
4/21 Pictures
  The damaged sections of the roof have been removed.  
  The construction of the new roof is underway. 
4/15 Pictures
  Both ends of the bridge were not damaged by the storm.  
  The approximately 100 feet of the north half of the roof was blown off.  
  The south side of the roof collapsed but remained on the bridge.  
  The metal roof was removed from part of the roof and the the roof rafters remained.  
  Two sections of the roof landed on the west side of Raccoon Creek.  
  Other sections of the roof landed on the east side of the bridge.  

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